Our tutors use the Much Smarter Method to help our kids strengthen the three main components of their intelligence.

They learn to build smarter beliefs about their ability.

A student can only achieve as much as he or she believes he can. A student who has decided, for example, that he or she is "not a good writer," or that "math is hard," will have a much harder time learning how to write well or improving their math skills than one who has an open mind about his or her potential.

They learn to build smarter emotions to respond more effectively to the challenges they face.

A student can get derailed by limiting emotions like frustration or anxiety that can stop them from focusing on the task at hand and literally keep them from doing their best work. Learning how to respond productively to frustration or anxiety can be the difference between even the hardest working student's success or failure.

They learn to build their learning muscle to become smarter in all the games they play.

Once our students learn to "get out of their own way," we show them how to practice in a way that they can approach any game of skill — academic, athletic, artistic, or otherwise — and use our Method to master that game.

The results are often staggering.

Parents report not just about their kids' better grades and standardized test scores, but their entirely new outlook on school and life. These kids are completely aware of their ability to succeed not just in school, but in every area of their lives. The best part of it all is, this new, improved go-getter was within the student all along! It simply requires the right coaching to bring it out.

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