The best information we can give you about the Much Smarter Method comes from students and parents themselves.

I just wanted to let you know I received my scores last night and I ended up with a 34 composite. I got a 34 on english, 33 on math, 36 on reading, and 32 on science. I feel very confident on the writing. Thanks so much for your help it really made a huge difference!
Justin S., Brookville
I'm emailing you to let you know that I took the SAT in March and just got my scores back:

Critical Reading: 680
Writing: 10 on the essay, 710 on multiple choice, 730 overall.
Math: 790

So I scored a 2200. I'm not disappointed!
Shervin A., Friends Academy

Ever since 6th grade I have struggled with math. I had a hard time understanding what was going on in class and had an even harder time understanding my homework. When I began to work with MSTYT math became much clearer. I was not only able to improve my grade but I was able to understand the different concepts and ways to approach a problem.

MSTYT didn't just work on one specific topic or section but has shown me new ways to approach a problem and give me the confidence I need to do well. MSTYT has allowed me to open my mind and allow me to think I can take on any problem. I thank MSTYT so much for not only improving my grade but helping me understand and approach problems and difficulties with an open mind and confidence that I can do anything.

Sarah O., Friends Academy
Steven, thank you for being such a wonderful SAT/ACT tutor to Jaclyn. Equally important to helping her with the subject matter, is that you helped her become more confident. She is thrilled!!
Anita F., Parent
Andrew's SAT scores came in this morning. He got a 760 in reading, 660 in Math and 730 in writing. He has not even woken up yet, but I am sure he will be proud of his progress.  Thank you so much for all of your help in getting him prepared for the test.  Your help was terrific.
Susan L., Parent

It gives us great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Steve Schecter. We came to know Steve about a year ago when he was recommended by the Friends Academy college counseling Director, Mr. Edward Duggar. He said that while Steve was brilliant, what really differentiated him was the human element he brought to bear when trying to understand High School students and their motivations.

Steve has tutored my son Rohan, now a Junior, for the Math SAT since March ‘06. He has commendable knowledge and impeccable professional skills. In my son's case, what earned my respect was the intuitiveness and the lightness of touch used when dealing with Rohan. To start with Rohan was not highly motivated to prepare for the test. Steve never tried to state the obvious or preach to Rohan, but allowed Rohan to create the study environment he was comfortable in, and talked about his system of tackling the test like a game in which consistent but relaxed effort was required. I can proudly say that this strategy was able to spark interest and we are confident that Rohan will perform to his best. Also important, Rohan trusts and respects Steve and regards him as a "pro", a real compliment from a teenager.

Steve has shown a remarkable ability to formulate a clear plan of action for his pupil and flexibility in varying his approach to suit changing needs. Steve has helped us maintain a positive and hopeful attitude by being encouraging, while communicating with integrity and tact. Steve takes pains to keep parents updated about general progress and specifically about each lesson, and responds with thoughtful, precise and complete replies to any queries we have.

Sabita B., Parent

I am SO GRATEFUL to you! You are a GIFTED, truly GIFTED TEACHER!!!!!! Elizabeth was so turned off to the summer reading.  She was procrastinating and planning not to do it. But after one session with you, she was truly turned on! Now she actually loves the book -- tells me, "You should read this Mom, it's really good." She is doing everything you suggested. Reading and summarizing every chapter.  And she's enjoying it.

I am so grateful to you, I just can't tell you. You are the BEST. The absolute BEST. She's excited, confident and enjoying the story. What a step up for her to be so prepared before beginning school. And I just love how much she LOVES the book. How wonderful for her to develop a love of historical literature! Broadens her horizons. And gives her so much confidence. You are truly gifted. I don't know what you did, but it's magic! You've done so much for her mind, and her soul. What a gift.

If it's okay with you, we will undoubtedly be calling you for chemistry help. I am so lucky to have found such a fabulous educational resource!

Rachel Z., Parent

I can remember the days I sat in the back of my chemistry class, watching the clock slowly go by, and waiting for my misery to end. During the first half of my 10th grade year, chemistry could easily be classified as either "my worst subject" of "most hated subject". I was barely passing the course, and about to hit the point of giving up completely. It came to the point where my academic self-esteem almost didn't exist, let's just say with the grades I had. It would have been very difficult to go to any college, let alone stay in my high school. My mom, worried for my future, searched for a tutor to help me, until finally her good friend recommended someone who once helped her own son, in achieving what seemed impossible. The following week I met Steve Schecter.

Before the end of the first semester, Steve completely changed my view on chemistry. It wasn't an easy change, for I still was struggling in comprehending the information, but Steve was patient, thoughtful, and dedicated to teaching. And no matter the complexity of the topic, he would find the way to translate it into a way I would be able to understand. Either through osmosis or maybe just plain luck, Steve's positive outlook toward learning and life passed on to me. So much so, that by the middle of my second semester, I started to enjoy chemistry. By the end of that year, with Steve's help, I was able to pull off a 92 on my final.

Steve continued tutoring me during my junior year, with not only physics, but with my SATs and ACTs and Sequential III Math. (Too humble to admit it, Steve was able to calculate faster in his head than my calculator!) Steve's knack for teaching shined brightest when he himself was unaccustomed to the material. He would teach the material to himself and then translate it into a way for me to understand. 11th grade was rough, with the stress of the SATs and ACTs, sleeping became almost impossible. Steve's role as my tutor grew into becoming a friend as well. He taught me ways to relax, de-stress, and gain energy. With Steve's "ALL Method", I was able to make it through the year with good grades, and an ACT score I was proud of.

Senior year was the year of college applications. Some could say that the 1st half of senior year is 10 times worse than the dreadful junior year. But lucky for me Steve was by my side. The ability to communicate my thoughts into words has always been a weak point of me. But, Steve was able to understand my weird analogies and strange forms of communication. He patiently worked with me essay by essay until they were perfect.

I am happy to tell you now that I will be attending Boston University the fall of '09. Without Steve's impeccable devotion to teaching, I would never be where I am today. He showed me the importance of knowledge, and taught me to go into everything with a positive outlook and an open mind. Steve Schecter is more than just a tutor; he is my mentor and inspiration, and he has made me who I am today.

Ashley Y., Boston University
I want you to know that Lynda got into Harvard. I am very excited. I want to thank you, I am very grateful to you and MSTYT. Lynda would not have been able to do this without your guidance! I really appreciate what you did for my daughter!
Sylvia P., Parent
Steve has shaped my brother and me into the well-rounded individuals we are today. Before our work with Steve, we had a lack of appreciation for how organization and steady practice could benefit our lives. He showed us how hard work and dedication can make any goal attainable. Steve makes it a point to never make you feel inferior or to demote your level of confidence. This positive mindset has made us feel much more secure about our future and what lies ahead. I recommend Steve to any person attempting to raise their confidence level and better their life.
Alix L., Towson University

I wanted to give you an update about Shannon. She's doing wonderfully. She's graduating next week. And I wanted to tell you that she also won an academic scholarship for her grades going from an 85 to she graduated with a 97. Thank you so much for your time and effort with her.

You truly made a difference with her and I so much appreciate it. Wish I had more children to send to you for SAT tutoring, but I want to wish you all the best and have a wonderful summer. Thank you so much again for taking care of my baby!

Linda C., Parent

I wanted to tell you again how much we appreciated the help you gave Rowley in preparation for his ACTs!

He upped his grade by 3 points, far exceeding his previous score and bringing him up into a much more acceptable level!

You gave him a workable strategy that played to his strengths and allowed him to work around his weak areas, and it payed off! His confidence is up and we are all thrilled!

Steve, thanks again, and please feel free to use us for a recommendation. We'd be happy to help in any way! Now on to the next stage- we will keep you up to date as to how Rowley is doing! Thanks again!

Chris A., Parent

When I first started working with Mr. Schecter, I believed that I was hopeless when it came to standardized tests. I have always been an above average student but when it came to the SATs I was not performing well. To me it seemed impossible to prepare for a test that had such a high volume of information on it. During my first session with Mr. Schecter he assured me that I would improve, I was still skeptical. Mr. Schecter taught me that there really was not so much information on the SATs, it was the same type of questions just reworded.

Session by session I slowly began to improve. Mr. Schecter documented my improvement from week to week so that I could see my progress. This really helped me see that I was making real progress and that my hard work was paying off. Outside of our sessions I completed the work that Mr. Schecter assigned me and studied my vocabulary flash cards. Besides working privately with me, Mr. Schecter held practice SATs at my school to give his students the real testing experience. He truly goes above and beyond for his students and with his help I got a score on the SATs that I never thought was possible for myself. This score helped me get into my dream college. I am truly grateful for everything that Mr. Schecter has done for me. 

Dylan F., Friends Academy
I just wanted to share some good news with you: Isabella just got her Math Regents results back, and she got a 92 on the Regents and ended up with a 90 in the course for the quarter, which are both very very good, I think, and she's really pleased.
Elyse N., Parent
I wanted to let you know that I got my SAT scores today- I got a 2330. I'm very pleased! I got 760 on reading, 780 on math, and 790 on writing (even though my essay got an 8... I didn't know what to write!). Thanks for all your help!
Elizabeth S.L., Tufts University
I just wanted to let you know that I got my SAT scores and I was really, really happy with them! I was really happy because this was my first time, and I got over 1900. I was really proud of myself.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. My parents are really happy, my sister is really happy. So, it was really nice getting that. I just wanted to say I could not have done it without you.
Maceda Alemu

I checked my scores during February break and was very pleased. My overall score was a 1910! I got a 670, 610, and 630. I was so surprised! I was so pleased all of them ended up in the 600s!  I was even close to a 700! I can't thank you enough! I wouldn't have been able to get these scores without your generous help. If you compare my past scores to this I have improved by 150 points in almost every section! Thanks to you I was confident when I rushed my scores to all my schools.

By the way out of the schools I applied to, I recently got two more acceptances: Bowdoin and Syracuse. I really appreciate all the guidance and tutorials they really made such a difference. It was so kind of you. I hope you're pleased because I sure am! Thanks again so much I really really couldn't have done it without you.

P.S. your advice was so helpful: I went in there did the best I could forgot about and let the results surprise me! Thank you soooooooooooo much for everything.

Maron A., Georgetown University

I've always been extremely hard on myself. It all began in second grade when I enrolled in a private school. I quickly learned just how competitive it was. During my time there (from second grade to ninth grade) my mentality about grades and scores was, to put it lightly, messed with. No matter how well I did on a test or a project, I would never think it was good enough. I remember struggling with Chemistry in ninth grade. I put in an enormous amount of effort, but still felt defeated when I got an 89 on the regents. I was told (by my chemistry teacher) that anything under a 90 was "disgraceful." Looking back, an 89 is outstanding (not to mention only one point away from a 90), especially knowing how much I struggled with it. But at the time, I felt like I had failed.

I carried this mentality with me to high school. I felt that, if I did not grasp something right away, I would never be able to. I particularly struggled with this mentality during my preparation for the SATs. Prior to the first SAT that I took, I spent a lot of time doing practice tests. I had set a goal for myself at 2000 because I thought that "that's what smart people get." But on the practice tests, I did not make that goal. Though I was making improvements, I was continually discouraged. After I took the SAT in March, I finally accepted the fact that I probably would not get over a 2000. I ended up getting a 1920 (570 on math, 630 on critical reading, and 720 on writing). I wouldn't say I was disappointed. I had definitely made major improvements from when I first started. But I still wanted to reach my goal. I decided to keep practicing for the June SAT.

I remember one session that I had with Steve. He gave me advice that I will never forget and that helped me so much on the June SAT. I said something to him like "I really hope I get a 2000. If I don't, I'll be so upset because I've worked so hard…" He then told me "If you think like that you will be too distracted. Focus on the task at hand. When you're taking the test, focus on doing each problem – do not focus on the outcome." This advice stuck with me. I remember sitting there on test day saying to myself "focus on the task at hand."

Not only that, but I was also very relaxed and comfortable on test day. That is also extremely important. Don't listen to what anyone says about "not studying the night before" or "studying the night before." Do what makes YOU comfortable. If you want to review vocabulary or math formulas, go for it. I certainly did. But I did not stress myself out. If you don't feel that studying the night before would be beneficial, then don't. Just say to yourself "Whatever I get, I get. I know I will have done my best." Do not listen to your peers about the SATs. That was the worst mistake I made. There is no set "good" score, or a "score that smart people get." That's ridiculous. If you know you tried your absolute best then whatever you get is fantastic, and you should be proud of it. Go into test day ready to handle the task at hand. Worry about the preparation, don't worry about the outcome.

All of Steve's advice really, truly helped me. I just recently received my scores from the June SAT. I nearly screamed when I saw my scores. I had raised my grade by 240 points to a 2160 (710 critical reading, 650 in math and 800 in writing). I had surpassed my goal even more than I had ever imagined. While I recognize the amount of effort I put in, I also attribute this score to the advice that Steve gave me.
I truly hope that my story speaks to you and gives you hope. I once read similar stories on the MSTYT website thinking "wow, if only I could make such a great improvement." I never thought it could be possible because I was always so hard on myself. But trust me, it is possible. If you put in the effort and take Steve's advice, you will not be disappointed. But you must be open-minded. Do not ever tell yourself that you're not smart enough to do something. You have the ability to ace this test. I'm so glad I finally realize that myself.

Emma Z., Schreiber High School
My work with MSTYT not only enhanced my understanding of the material that I was reviewing, but it also revealed new thought processes that made the material easier to digest. The confidence and reassurance that I received through the program helped me feel that I was not only prepared for the test, but that I was guaranteed to exceed my expectations. As opposed to simply reviewing the material on my own, the program taught me how to tackle the material in the most efficient manner, which ultimately improved my performance by the greatest margin. I appreciate the help that was given to me by MSTYT because it helped me become a better test-taker and student.
Aaron B., Port Washington

Steve Schecter, founder of Much Smarter Than You Think, worked with my daughter, Sabrina, for over three months to prepare for her SAT test. First impressions go a long way and the fact that Steve met with Sabrina and me for an hour, free of charge, to get to know us, (and allow us to learn about his tutoring style), went a long way. Steve diligently kept his appointment each week and was meticulous in setting up a time table to maximize Sabrina's studying for the SAT.

Sabrina learned a lot from Steve but what struck me the most was how comfortable she was around him. They connected immediately and she looked forward to working with him. He seemed to really bring out the best in her learning and as a result, Sabrina earned stellar grades on her SAT.

Upon writing her college essay this fall, Steve was instrumental in helping edit her essay. He made conscientious suggestions while keeping Sabrina's words her own. I highly recommend Steve Schecter as a tutor, in both preparing students for the SAT and ACT tests and as a consultant for college essays.

Larson J., Parent

Steve Schecter worked with me for 6 months and helped me gain confidence and knowledge in all areas of the SAT. Especially in math where I was the least skilled, he helped me not only understand math on the SAT, but he also helped me improve my grades in school. His approach to the SAT is that it is a big game which removes the stress and anxiety from the learning process so you are able to focus 100% on the material. His teaching style is to share stories, experiences, and examples, which keeps the process interesting and makes preparing for the SAT a fun endeavor.

Jeffrey G., Wesleyan University
By the way, Emma did WONDERFULLY on her Regents exams. I was VERY pleased. I think she told you about that 99% in History! Your method and her elbow grease really worked. Let's figure out a time to start SAT prep (after she's had a respectable rest, of course).
Rachel Z., Parent
As you must know, I am very appreciative of your excellent tutelage of Kayla regarding the SATs.  I compliment your ability to connect with her and bring out her best.
Doug P., Parent

I wanted to share this exciting news with you because my successes in the college process are due in part to you! If you didn't tutor me for 5 months and give me the confidence and skills I needed to do well on the SATs I can guarantee you I would not have had all the success I've had today! I don't know if you remember the tough times we had, like when I broke down and cried. Thanks to you and the ALL Method (which I have taped on my wall right in front of my work desk) I was able to get over my fear of the test, build up my self-esteem, and perform well! My parents and I honestly thank you from the bottom of our hearts Steve!

Here is the great news, I got into the following colleges: Columbia, Dartmouth, U Penn, Cornell, Hopkins, Amherst, Tufts, Boston College and the College of William and Mary!

Maceda A., Dartmouth College
I will be attending Boston University in the Fall to study business. Thank you so much for you help and time with the SAT. With your help, I was able to get a 1910 on the SAT.
Natalie I., Boston University
Although my son has always done very well in school, I recently noticed that he was struggling a bit with his essays and term papers. After reading several of his drafts, I realized that he might never have been taught how to construct a thesis and then solidly defend it. After working with Tom for just two months, I now believe that my son can tackle any writing assignment with confidence and competence.  He's been a pleasure to work with!
Donna G., Parent
I got my scores back today and I got a 2190 (660 reading, 800 math, 730 writing). I'm not taking the test again I don't think, I just wanted to thank you SO much for everything that you've done. I seriously appreciate your help!
Jordan F., Fieldston School
Something that I have learned from this experience is that I have learned to become a better problem solver whether it has to do with school or my social life. Acquiring this trait has allowed me to be a better person and to also help me through times of need where I didn't know how to respond in the past.
Brandon A., Westbury High School

Now that the SAT process is behind us I would like to thank you for the work you did with Jori.  First let me say that it was always a pleasure having you visit our home and that Jori enjoyed working with you very much. 

Early on you had said that in addition to feeling more comfortable with the SAT test- taking process and increasing her score an additional goal was to teach Jori skills that she could take with her throughout life.  That seems to be true already as I see her as a more confident and capable math student than before she started working with you.

Jori went into this last SAT testing situation very relaxed and remained that way throughout the exam.  In addition her score increased after working with you. 

You helped to turn what could be a very tense and anxious time into a pleasant weekly routine and we thank you for that.  Eric, Jori, and I look forward to seeing you at graduation.

Hali L., Parent

We just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your help with Jeremy's SAT preparation.

Thanks to your 5 sessions with Jeremy, he was able to improve his PSAT performance by 190 points on the January SAT. Thereby making him a viable candidate for a wider variety of colleges and universities.

Your ability to key in on the elements Jeremy was lacking in both math and critical reading was just right. That coupled with your ability to simplify and clarify, really made the difference and gave him the tools to exceed expectation.

Beth E., Parent

My time with Steve during my junior year of high school has proven to be some of the most valuable I spent that year. While Steve helped to greatly increase my standardized test scores and school grades, he was much more than that. Not only did he teach me tricks and tips to score better, but more importantly, he taught me how to approach the test. Examples such as how to think of it, how to study for it, and what attitude you should have going into it are all great examples. In fact, these lessons that he taught were not only good for tests, but for school, jobs, sports, etc.

I don't believe that many other of my peers who used an SAT/ACT tutor can say that their tutor taught them something that can be used beyond a test for four hours on a Saturday morning. I believe that this quality is what sets Steve apart from and ahead of his colleagues.

However, I do realize that the primary focus of anyone looking to hire an SAT/ACT tutor is to increase standardized tests scores, which Steve helps do very well. I can say that my test scores greatly exceeded my initial expectations. To quantify: I did, on my second time taking the ACT, attain a 34 composite. In addition, on my Math II SAT II I received a 760. Both of those scores were large improvements over where I was scoring when I first started.

In addition to the lessons, Steve gave a reasonable amount of homework per week, and also hosted mock SAT or ACT tests on some weekends. These mock tests proved to be an invaluable resource, indicating the things I needed to work on before I took the real test. So, if you are wondering whether or not Steve will help you, I can say with the fullest confidence that he can and will.

Stefan S., Friends Academy

Steve is a very unique tutor. His methods and his personality multiplied by his confidence create a man who you can't fail with. I have taken other tutor programs but none have benefited me as much as Steve has.

His sessions consist of many steps. He slowly walks through reading and math sections with you cementing his methods in your mind. After only 3 sessions I already started catching on to his thought process. My scores improved on my practice tests significantly. The workload he assigns is very reasonable as well. He has the student work on their weaknesses and reinforces their strengths. With every math section he e-mails an answer sheet with his own techniques. They are easy and very understandable. He has very simple steps for a 5-paragraph essay. I have already had success with his essay lessons in school and on my college applications. Lastly he adds a kick to learning vocabulary.

His sense of humor with the words makes it a very interesting lesson. Where in most cases students dread their tutor lessons I love them with Steve. I am the captain of both the lacrosse and soccer team at my school so even for an athlete it is enjoyable. He approaches the test as a game, which moves the emphases from stress to fun. The 90-minute sessions I take fly by as if they are only 30 minutes due to personality he has.

There are many tutors who are very smart, but rarely will you find one with the brains along with a fun personality. I have the confidence and knowledge to go into the test optimistically thanks to Steve. I definitely recommend him, hands down, to anyone at any level, for the SATs.

Alex G., Syracuse University

Thank you so much for your team of cousins – Thomas and Marissa -- who got our family through the college admission procedure, not only with terrific success, but with the greatest of ease. Kirsten got into all but one college, and some with merit scholarships!!!! 

I read Kirsten's college essay after some of the acceptances started dribbling in. I did not want to read it in advance of that because I worried that I would be tempted to edit it. Even at this late date, I mentally edited it as I read it. I was pleased to find very minor grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and so forth. This is not a criticism of Thomas -- au contraire. That he did not correct every microscopic problem is what allowed her essay to show the authentic person she is. I was blown away! I loved the essay because it is humble, and thus very mature. She did not change the world in the moments she described, but made one mere step. 

Thanks so much for the help of your team. There is no question that she worked well with them because of their relative youth. I will recommend them highly to anyone in the future.

Liz E., Parent
I have a few words for Steve: amazingly talented, extremely interesting, and an awesome people person.

From the moment I met Steve I felt very comfortable. When we worked on Physics together, he broke things down into digestible pieces. He enjoyed doing it and in turn made me enjoy it as well – that was the best part!
Megan C., Colgate University

I am really glad and appreciative to say that working with Steve enabled me to surpass great struggles and obstacles that I did not confidently feel I could overcome. I can honestly say that working with Steve changed my whole perception towards learning and academics. Steve instilled the values of hard work and determination towards my education, which will serve me well in my future endeavors.
Since my freshman year of high school I have attended a very untraditional school that is based on the internet, called University of Miami Online High School. I did very well in my educational classes, but found myself very behind in what was required to learn for the SAT about six months prior to the test. I had trouble structuring my sentences when writing an essay, I had not acquired a great vocabulary, I found SAT math to be esoteric. I was very overwhelmed by the fact that this test would have a tremendous influence on the level of college I would be able to attend, and was eager and yet befuddled by how I was going to get a high score on the test. I had a lot of things to learn in a short amount of time, and was a very slow and unorthodox learner.

In addition I did not enjoy academics as a whole. Steve helped me cope with the lack of knowledge and difficulty I had in learning the concepts, by instilling a very methodical, fun, and diligent approach to learn everything I would need to know by the test date. He prioritized that I learn 1600 vocabulary words, do math and English problems from an SAT book each day, and the problems I had trouble with, we would go through each time I worked with him. Steve knew it would be a tough task for me to learn the concepts for the test, but he was defiant and would not allow me to flounder at any point in time.

When I first started doing practice tests, I remember getting flustered by the fact that I could only answer on average two to five questions correctly. I was faced with great adversity, but Steve and I refused to fail, and so as the months passed by, Steve and I went through the same problems repetitively in Math, English and Writing, to instill the correct approach for each problem in my brain. To my own astonishment, the last month before the test date I was correctly answering sixteen to seventeen problems on the math and English sections, made vast improvement in writing an essay, and acquired knowledge for 1600 new vocabulary words. I saw profound improvements due to the fact that I was studying on my own an average of six to seven hours a day, and had an incredible teacher to motivate teach me so efficaciously. As a result, I just got back my test scores yesterday, and got a 2010 out of 2400 on the SAT.
Looking back on the adversity I faced when taking the SAT, I only value and admire the hard work and effort I put in to achieve my goal of obtaining an elite score. I used to think that the cliché "hard work will pay off" was just bogus, but now I really believe it is the essence to success. I look at myself now and feel great elation that I succeeded in overcoming great obstacles, but I would never have been able to make such a dramatic turn around without the guidance, help, and support from Steve.

Jason S., New York University
When working with Steve from MSTYT, I learned extremely helpful tools on how to approach standardized testing. Steve taught me with enthusiasm and patience, resulting in improved understanding for the material as well as test scores. Using explanatory videos, the MSTYT team gave me the tools necessary to become a successful test taker by changing my mind set and attitude. I learned a lot from Steve in an enjoyable environment and my test scores improved as a result!
Cassidy B., Syosset
I got a 2140 and I'm so happy! 690 on reading, 680 on math, and 770 on writing -- thanks so much for all your help, now I am more confident about the schools I am applying to! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!
Nicolette O., Port Washington
Bryce told me that he learned more from you in an hour and a half than he had learned in the previous six months from his math tutor!
Victoria R., Parent
Chris just drove off to take the ACT! Thank you for working with him. You have taught him new ways to solve problems. I will keep you posted and have shared your name with friends.
Donna D., Parent

Our experience with Steve was completely positive and I highly recommend him for SAT tutoring.
Our son, a junior at Schreiber High School in Port Washington, wished to do well on the January 2014 SAT. Lengthy courses are popular but he didn't have time to spend in such a program. Instead of spending weeks and long hours in a course, he efficiently met with Steve for a few sessions at our home and achieved an outstanding score on his SAT exam.

We thought our son could use some help to learn about the test, in general, and get some test taking tips, especially in math. We were delighted when, after working with Steve just four times, our son got only one question wrong on the entire math section on his first SAT.

Rather than waste long hours in a general SAT course, my son was able to work specifically on what he needed to work on, with an expert.

Steve's tutoring sessions were tailored made for my son, as I imagine he tailors his tutoring directly to all his students' needs. He shared testing materials with us and invited my son to practice tests which he offers regularly for his students. Steve also provides online studying materials for his clients' convenient preparation.

Steve was available for our questions and responded quickly when we contacted him. He is kind and reassuring and has a gentle and positive manner of counseling and instruction

We believe that Steve's ideas about learning and testing, which he conveyed to my son and to me, helped my son to feel more positively about the exam and to approach "the SAT game" (Steve's words) with a relaxed and upbeat attitude.

Jeannine D., Parent
You are the quintessential test-slayer!
Dayna N., Parent

I have been meaning to write and let you know what is happening with Matt. Matt applied to 10 schools. He got accepted into seven, two deferred, and only one rejection. He was also offered scholarship money to some of the schools.

I want to thank you for working with Matt. Not only did you help him increase his test scores, you also helped boost his confidence in himself. I found that there was improvement in his overall grades after working with you. He had the confidence to continue to challenge himself in his senior year with AP and college credit courses.

If you need any recommendations or referrals please contact me.

Diana P., Parent
My Much Smarter