Anxiety often stops teenagers from doing their best work on big tests, no matter how hard they prepare.

Plenty of hard-working students get lower grades and lower standardized test scores than they are capable of each year because of test anxiety. Especially in the context of the competition for college admissions, test anxiety can be a serious hurdle for kids who already fear that they will come up short. Dropping students with test anxiety into an SAT or ACT without the right preparation is a recipe for failure and frustration — and even more anxiety about the next test.

The good news is, there's a surprisingly straightforward way to overcome test anxiety!

That downward spiral is not inevitable. We here at Much Smarter Than You Think! have spent over ten years helping hundreds of students become more confident in their own abilities by teaching them, quite simply, how to get out of their own way! The Much Smarter Method is designed specifically to help students who care deeply about their performance — kids who want to excel, but haven't quite figured out how. And once they learn a new approach to handling their test anxiety, our kids report better grades, better test scores, and more self-confidence and self-reliance!

"I've always been extremely hard on myself. No matter how well I did on a test or a project, I would never think it was good enough. In school I felt that, if I did not grasp something right away, I would never be able to. I particularly struggled with this mentality during my preparation for standardized tests... All of MSTYT's advice really, truly helped me. I was very relaxed and comfortable on test day. I surpassed my goal by even more than I had imagined!"

Emma Z., Student

The Much Smarter Method has helped hundreds of students learn how to do their best work in school and on standardized tests.

Rather than just teaching material, we teach our students the step-by-step process of learning anything they want. As part of that process, we help our kids re-think their ideas about their own limits and teach them how to respond effectively to situations that present anxiety and stress — leaving them calmer, more confident, and fully capable of doing their best work, no matter what is required of them!

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