If you're struggling with school or the SAT/ACT to the point where you're afraid of it, it's time to try something different.

Learning is a game of skill.

So treat it like one.

Instead of thinking about studying for a test you have to take, think about practicing a game you want to get better at.

Instead of thinking about memorizing test material, think about learning how to play.

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Our students' stories

Whether you've "always been bad at standardized tests," or you get too anxious to do your best work on big exams, or there's one specific weakness in your skill set that's holding you back, you're not alone.

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Student Emma and parent Rachel at Emma's graduation

A little advice goes a long way.

Our co-founders talk about everything from how to approach tricky math problems or write "perfect" essays to how students can change the way they view their own potential.

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Steve and Tom Schecter
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your best game.
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