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Building Better Habits of Thinking
Articles about how champions in every field use their beliefs to make themselves better at what they do.
Building Better Habits of Feeling
Articles about how champions in every field use their emotions to make themselves better at what they do.
Building Better Habits of Learning
Articles focused on helping you learn how to master any game of skill.
Mastering School Subjects
Learn a better approach to your more challenging classes.
Mastering the SAT and ACT
Learn a better approach to practicing for the SAT and ACT.
Overcoming Test Anxiety
Learn a better approach to pressure situations so you can always play your best game.
Parents, These Are For You
Steve and Tom offer advice on how to support your teenagers as they strive to improve themselves.
Student Case Studies
Lessons we've learned from working with certain students over the years.
A collection of thank-you notes from our students and parents that we've held onto over the years.
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"Dudes Who Love to Work": Julius Randle and how Peak Performers Approach Practice
Dreading studying for the SAT, ACT, or final exams? Take a lesson about practice from the NBA's Most Improved Player Julius Randle and his coach, Tom Thibodeau.
When Should Your Teenager Begin to Prepare for the SAT or ACT?
When does it make sense to start preparing for the SAT or ACT? Depends on your teenager’s goals, and how long they need to build up to their “A” game.
What Type of SAT or ACT Preparation is Best for Your Teenager?
What type of test preparation will work best for your teenager? The answer actually depends upon how you answer this next question.
The SAT, ACT And Test Optional Admissions: How to Help Your Teenager Prepare
Will your teenager really need to do well on the SAT or ACT? Steve discusses the trend toward "test optional" admissions and questions about the fairness of standardized testing.
Is Your Teenager A “Just Okay” Student Who Needs A New Start On The ACT? Here's How You Can Help
If your teenager has never been the strongest of students and they're dreading the ACT, here's how you can help them get the new start they need.
How Your Teenager Can Conquer SAT / ACT Test Anxiety, Part 2
If your teenager is too stressed out to do their best work on the SAT or ACT, there’s one key skill they can learn right now to help them get through it.
What Learning to Play Baseball Can Teach Us About the ACT
Attention student athletes: if you’re struggling with standardized tests, we’ve got good news for you: you can use the lessons you’ve learned from improving your game of choice to become a capable, confident test-taker!
How Your Teenager Can Conquer SAT / ACT Test Anxiety (By Making A Game Out Of It)
Does your teenager struggle with test anxiety to the point where it derails them on big tests? Here's what you can do to help them learn to handle the pressure.
For Students Who Consider Themselves “Bad at Reading”... How to Get Better Before the SAT or ACT
If you struggle with reading comprehension and you're worried it will bring your SAT or ACT score down, here are the three things you can do to start improving right now.
Why Your Teenager Has Test Anxiety About the SAT or ACT -- And How You Can Help
Test anxiety keeps many students from performing their best on the SAT and the ACT. Recognizing the four main reasons behind your teenager’s standardized test anxiety is the first step in setting them up for success.
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