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Rachel on watching her daughter's attitude about reading get turned around in just a single coaching session with Steve.

"I am so lucky to have found such a fabulous educational resource!"

Sarah on how her experience with Much Smarter helped her overcome her struggles with math.

"When I began to work with Much Smarter, math became much clearer."

Jeffrey on his experience of working with Steve to prepare for his SAT...and seeing improvement in other areas as well as a result!

"MuchSmarter removes the stress and anxiety from the learning process."

Cassidy on her time working with Steve...and with MuchSmarter ACT's video training.

"MuchSmarter gave me the necessary tools to become a successful test taker."

Ashley on how working with our founder in high school helped her become a more capable and confident learner.

"Steve Schecter is more than just a tutor; he is my mentor."

Maceda writes Steve a thank-you note after getting some seriously impressive college acceptances.

"My parents and I honestly thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"

Jake talks about his experience training for the ACT with Tom.

"My reading score jumped from a 21 to a 31."

Aaron B. on the confidence boost he got from working with MuchSmarter and from not just learning the material, but learning HOW to learn the material.

"MuchSmarter helped me become a better test-taker and student."

Larson on her daughter Sabrina's experience working with Steve on the SAT and on college admission essays.

"MuchSmarter seemed to bring out the best in her."

Victoria's reaction after her son's first session with us is priceless...unless you're the other math tutor.

"He learned more in an hour and a half than in the past six months!"

Chris writes Tom with some good news about his college applications.

"You helped me get to where I needed to be."

Emma Z. on learning how to stop being so hard on herself and become a more confident test taker in time for the performance of a lifetime on her SAT.

"You have the ability to ace this test. I'm so glad I finally realize that."

Donna on how Tom helped her son become a stronger writer.

"My son can now tackle any writing assignment with confidence."

Alix L. on her experience working with Steve, what they learned, and how it helped them beyond simply improving their grades and standardized test scores.

"Raise your confidence level and better your life."

Dylan on her transformation from being "hopeless" on standardized tests to scoring higher than she could have imagined.

"I got a score on the SATs that I never thought was possible for myself."
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