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"MuchSmarter seemed to bring out the best in her."

Steve Schecter, founder of Much Smarter worked with my daughter Sabrina for over three months to prepare for her SAT test. First impressions go a long way and the fact that Steve met with Sabrina and me for an hour, free of charge, to get to know us, (and allow us to learn about his tutoring style), went a long way. Steve diligently kept his appointment each week and was meticulous in setting up a time table to maximize Sabrina's studying for the SAT.

Sabrina learned a lot from Steve but what struck me the most was how comfortable she was around him. They connected immediately and she looked forward to working with him. He seemed to really bring out the best in her learning and as a result, Sabrina earned stellar grades on her SAT.

Upon writing her college essay this fall, Steve was instrumental in helping edit her essay. He made conscientious suggestions while keeping Sabrina's words her own. I highly recommend Steve Schecter as a tutor, in both preparing students for the SAT and ACT tests and as a consultant for college essays.

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