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"Steve Schecter is more than just a tutor; he is my mentor."

I can remember the days I sat in the back of my chemistry class, watching the clock slowly go by, and waiting for my misery to end. During the first half of my 10th grade year, chemistry could easily be classified as either "my worst subject" of "most hated subject". I was barely passing the course, and about to hit the point of giving up completely. It came to the point where my academic self-esteem almost didn't exist, let's just say with the grades I had. It would have been very difficult to go to any college, let alone stay in my high school. My mom, worried for my future, searched for a tutor to help me, until finally her good friend recommended someone who once helped her own son, in achieving what seemed impossible. The following week I met Steve Schecter.

Before the end of the first semester, Steve completely changed my view on chemistry. It wasn't an easy change, for I still was struggling in comprehending the information, but Steve was patient, thoughtful, and dedicated to teaching. And no matter the complexity of the topic, he would find the way to translate it into a way I would be able to understand. Either through osmosis or maybe just plain luck, Steve's positive outlook toward learning and life passed on to me. So much so, that by the middle of my second semester, I started to enjoy chemistry. By the end of that year, with Steve's help, I was able to pull off a 92 on my final.

Steve continued tutoring me during my junior year, with not only physics, but with my SATs and ACTs and Sequential III Math. (Too humble to admit it, Steve was able to calculate faster in his head than my calculator!) Steve's knack for teaching shined brightest when he himself was unaccustomed to the material. He would teach the material to himself and then translate it into a way for me to understand. 11th grade was rough, with the stress of the SATs and ACTs, sleeping became almost impossible. Steve's role as my tutor grew into becoming a friend as well. He taught me ways to relax, de-stress, and gain energy. With Steve's "ALL Method", I was able to make it through the year with good grades, and an ACT score I was proud of.

Senior year was the year of college applications. Some could say that the 1st half of senior year is 10 times worse than the dreadful junior year. But lucky for me Steve was by my side. The ability to communicate my thoughts into words has always been a weak point of me. But, Steve was able to understand my weird analogies and strange forms of communication. He patiently worked with me essay by essay until they were perfect.

I am happy to tell you now that I will be attending Boston University the fall of '09. Without Steve's impeccable devotion to teaching, I would never be where I am today. He showed me the importance of knowledge, and taught me to go into everything with a positive outlook and an open mind. Steve Schecter is more than just a tutor; he is my mentor and inspiration, and he has made me who I am today.

Ashley Y., Boston University

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