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"My reading score jumped from a 21 to a 31."

I took my first ACT the beginning of my junior year, and lets just say I didn't do well enough to get into any of the schools I wanted to. After that test, I decided I needed a tutor to help me achieve the goal that I set in my head. Tom Schecter was my tutor and he really pushed me to the score I wanted. I got a 21 on the reading section my first time so that was the area we mainly focused on. After two months of learning new strategies and techniques for the reading part, my reading score jumped from a 21 to a 31. I ended up getting a 31 on that ACT as a whole and that score got me into plenty of schools I was interested in. The motivation and hard work that Tom instilled in me was the reason I am able to attend The Ohio State University now.

- Jake E.

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