"I was an underachiever... until I turned learning into a game."

Our founder, Steve Schecter, on how he learned how to make the most of his mind, and why he wants that for you, too.

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Our goal is to teach young people more effective habits of thinking, feeling, and learning in the context of whatever game they are learning to play.

We've come to understand that any challenge—from a difficult academic subject, to a standardized test, to a sport or musical instrument or art discipline—is a game of skill.

What does that mean? It means that no matter what your starting point is, you can get good, or even great, at any of them by following a pretty simple process.

Think about anything you ever learned how to do well. Were you amazing at it the first time you tried? Of course not. Nobody can dribble a basketball between their legs or hit a baseball four hundred feet on their first try. Nobody picks up a guitar and can instantly play a complicated solo. Nobody shows up to math class and just, like, knows calculus all of a sudden.

All of these things are learned skills. Which means someone has to show you how to do them, and show you the right way to practice so you can get better on your own!

The good news is, that means that anything you want to get better at, you can! You're not doomed to be "bad" at standardized tests or math or reading or whatever you're struggling with. You just haven't learned how to play the game yet.

And we're here to help if you need us.

Our Coaches

Say hello to the gang...

Steve Schecter
Steve Schecter, co-founder & CEO
Steve likes to say he founded his tutoring practice "by accident." In 2004, a friend of a friend asked him to tutor their son for the SAT, and that student had such a good experience that his parents told everyone they knew. Steve has spent the better part of the last two decades teaching students how to make the most of their minds and apply that new, stronger mindset to the SAT, the ACT, and classes in every subject.
Tom Schecter, co-founder & COO
After graduating from NYU in 2007, Tom joined up with Steve to officially form MuchSmarter in 2010. Beyond his teaching schedule, Tom has codified our approach to teaching students AP World, European, and US History, as well as writing the practice's manual for how to write essays. Most recently, Tom was in charge of content creation for our first online game, MuchSmarter ACT, and he's working on the content for MuchSmarter SAT as we speak...
Rachel Kaufman
Rachel Kaufman, Yale 2019
Rachel Kaufman graduated from Yale University in 2019 with a BA in English and History. She is currently teaching at Santa Fe preparatory school and Breakthrough Santa Fe. Rachel loves to learn from her students and to see the creative, unique, and revelatory ways students think about the world. She writes poetry and sings opera in her spare time, and will be starting a PhD in History at UCLA in the fall of 2020.
Chioma Onuoha
Chioma Onuoha, Harvard 2020
Chioma studies Human Evolutionary Biology and Global Health and Health Policy on a pre-med track. She has served as a teaching assistant and tutor for introductory life science courses at Harvard. Her favorite part about coaching students is getting them to believe in in their own capabilities and watching them discover learning methods that best work for them. Eventually, she hopes to become a physician educator.

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