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"I got a score on the SATs that I never thought was possible for myself."

When I first started working with Mr. Schecter, I believed that I was hopeless when it came to standardized tests. I have always been an above average student but when it came to the SATs I was not performing well. To me it seemed impossible to prepare for a test that had such a high volume of information on it. During my first session with Mr. Schecter he assured me that I would improve, I was still skeptical. Mr. Schecter taught me that there really was not so much information on the SATs, it was the same type of questions just reworded.

Session by session I slowly began to improve. Mr. Schecter documented my improvement from week to week so that I could see my progress. This really helped me see that I was making real progress and that my hard work was paying off. Outside of our sessions I completed the work that Mr. Schecter assigned me and studied my vocabulary flash cards. Besides working privately with me, Mr. Schecter held practice SATs at my school to give his students the real testing experience. He truly goes above and beyond for his students and with his help I got a score on the SATs that I never thought was possible for myself. This score helped me get into my dream college. I am truly grateful for everything that Mr. Schecter has done for me. 

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