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Student Case Studies

April 5, 2020

The beauty of this plan was its simplicity: any time Jake missed a math question, he'd practice it again. By the end of his time with Steve, he wasn't missing too many...

How Jake used the Power of Repetition to Master SAT Math
April 4, 2020

Steve's student Brian started out working way too slowly and carefully to finish the ACT on time. By the time he finished, it was clear that that "weakness" was hardly a weakness at all...

How Brian Turned a "Weakness" Into a Strength
April 3, 2020

Hannah was an A+ student who didn't understand why she couldn't do as well on the ACT as she was doing in school, and she was starting to believe it was her fault...

Hannah: "Great in School, Bad at Standardized Tests"
April 2, 2020

Steve's student Jack was "an exceptional student in a school for exceptional students." He rarely missed questions in practice. So it didn't make much sense when he was only in the 60th percentile on his first SSAT...

How Jack Let Go of A Limiting Belief About Standardized Tests
April 1, 2020

Samantha was a "just okay" student who got a 17 on her first practice ACT. She spent the next few months learning the ACT game from the ground up, and improved beyond her wildest expectations!

How Samantha Learned to Play the ACT Game
March 31, 2020

Chris' first attempt at ACT Math went about as badly as you can imagine. But after a few weeks practicing the basics, Chris found out he was much better at math than he thought he was.

How Chris Found Out He Isn't Actually "Bad at Math"
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