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Building Better Habits of Thinking

April 24, 2017

"Being smart means much more than any of the things that we normally associate with intelligence. Being smart ultimately means knowing how to use your mind!"

What Does it Mean to be Smart?
March 23, 2017

Steve talks about what it means to make the most of your mind: you can learn anything you want, use that knowledge to create the life you want for yourself.

Make the Most of Your Mind
September 27, 2016

A former student reflects on how the lessons she learned from working with Steve on her SATs helped her master new challenges when she got to college.

Still Much Smarter…Many Years Later
January 26, 2016

"When you honor your potential, you recognize that your past performance in any area does not limit you."

Your True Potential
October 16, 2015

Steve pays tribute to Major Lisa Jaster, US Army, who graduated Ranger School this week. She's the third woman ever to complete the program...and the oldest by over a decade.

Our Self-Perceived Limits
September 22, 2015

Tom talks about how we decide what we're not good at...and why that matters as we try to improve.

Beliefs That Hold Us Back
August 20, 2015

"At the end of the day, being 'smart' is more of a discipline than a talent. It’s about having the confidence that, if you need to, you can train yourself to be excellent at anything you want."

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