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Make the Most of Your Mind

Steve Schecter
March 23, 2017
What do all these students have in common?

- Scott became an outstanding student, in time earning highest honors at an Ivy League University, when he stopped comparing himself unfavorably to his two “genius” older brothers

- Mary stopped “choking” under pressure and earned an ACT score that reflected her true ability. In so doing, she removed her one remaining roadblock to admission to an Ivy League school.

- Jake had always been smart, but he was surprised how well he could do when he learned how to practice.

- Allison applied what she learned in SAT/ACT practice to achieve breakthroughs in rowing competition.

- Shannon learned how to be less anxious and more self-confident. From that point, she significantly improved her grades and test scores. 

While these young people all had different backgrounds, different schools, and different interests, they all learned something meaningful about how to make the most of their minds!

We spend our school years acquiring knowledge – as we should.

We need this knowledge to have a richer understanding and appreciation of the world around us, of our society and others. We need this knowledge as a foundation for our professional lives. 

However, while we are busy piling up knowledge, most of us neglect to learn the very thing we need to become successful and fulfilled: how to make the most of our minds!

So what does it mean to make the most of your mind?

When you let go of limiting beliefs about your potential and intelligence, you are learning to make the most of your mind

When you let go of emotions like fear, worry, impatience, and frustration—emotions that limit your accomplishment and happiness—you are learning to make the most of your mind.

When you learn how to practice, and take your skills to new levels of ease and proficiency, you are learning to make the most of your mind.

When you develop habits of thinking, feeling, and learning that enable you to be both more successful and more fulfilled – you are learning to make the most of your mind. 

And what do you gain by making the most of your mind?

You become as smart as you want to be.

You confidently apply what you learn in one area of life to another.

You know how to learn anything you want.

You confidently master the games of your life, such as difficult school subjects, standardized tests, sports, the arts, and future career and business.

Don’t just go through the motions in school – consider a shift in focus. Make the whole game about learning to use your mind to its fullest extent, and to use your mind for its ultimate purpose – to create the life you want.

Make the time you spend in school more meaningful to you than it ever was before: regardless of your future career, there is nothing more important for you to learn than how to make full use of your mind.

Think about this: you experience your entire world through your mind—I invite you to learn how to use it!

- Steve

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