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Building Better Habits of Learning

May 26, 2021

Dreading studying for the SAT, ACT, or final exams? Take a lesson about practice from the NBA's Most Improved Player Julius Randle and his coach, Tom Thibodeau.

"Dudes Who Love to Work": Julius Randle and how Peak Performers Approach Practice
June 16, 2020

If you’ve been “bad at math” for a while, and it feels like nothing you try to helps you improve, it’s time to try a different approach to the problem.

So You’re “Bad at Math.” Here’s How to Fix It In Time for the SAT or ACT. 
April 28, 2016

Steve takes one last look at Yuval's bowling adventure through the lens of a book about the science of developing expertise.

Can Practicing The ACT Improve Your Bowling Scores? (Part Three)
April 25, 2016

In Part Two, Steve talks about the master skill of learning, and how Yuval's ACT training has helped him improve several core skills that he'll be able to use to get good at whatever he wants!

Can Practicing The ACT Improve Your Bowling Scores? (Part Two)
April 14, 2016

Steve's student Yuval tells a story about using the mindset strategies he learned for ACT practice to quickly get better at bowling over the course of an evening...

Can Practicing The ACT Improve Your Bowling Score? (Part One)
December 9, 2015

Steve discusses lessons about learning that every student can benefit from in Josh Waitzkin's book The Art of Learning.

When You Know How To Learn, You Can Learn Anything
December 1, 2015

Steve talks about how sometimes, simply practicing twice as hard isn't the answer. He knows from experience.

When Practice Isn’t Enough By Itself
November 11, 2015

Steve talks about Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, and how she responded to her early struggles to get her company off the ground.

The Billionaire Who Played Badly At First
February 26, 2015

"If you're using perfection as a club, remember this one thing: you're the one holding the club, and you can stop hitting yourself any time you want."

Aim For Perfection Without Ruining Your Life
July 18, 2014

Tom talks about the seven simple steps of learning literally anything. It's always the same seven steps!

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