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There are a lot of great students who, for whatever reason, can't seem to figure out the SAT or the ACT.

This can be the ultimate frustration: students having the grades to get into an outstanding college and even win a scholarship—but test scores that don’t match!

No deserving student should be in the position to have their future compromised because of one bad test score. And if the usual test prep or tutoring options haven't helped them get to where they need to be, it can be incredibly difficult for those kids—and even make them doubt their own abilities.

What's really going on?

The short version: the SAT/ACT is a different game than schoolwork. Obviously, there are a lot of similarities, but those differences are important—and they mean that even the best students sometimes need to learn a new approach to a game they think they're supposed to already be great at.

And unfortunately, a lot of test prep options aren't designed to serve students who aren't already confident test-takers. But we've helped countless teenagers look at the standardized test game in a new light and helped them not only improve their SAT or ACT scores, but become more confident in their own abilities in all aspects of their lives.

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Our students' stories

Whether they've "always been bad at standardized tests," or get too anxious to do their best work on important exams, or there's just one specific weakness in their skill set holding them back, we've been there to help them learn new skills and thrive.

their stories

"When I first started working with MuchSmarter, I believed that I was hopeless when it came to standardized tests... I got a score that I never thought was possible for myself."
- Dylan F.

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