For students whose anxiety is derailing their performance on the SAT/ACT...

If a student is so stressed out that even the idea of studying is overwhelming them, it's probably time to try something different.  

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For too many students, test anxiety turns the college admissions process into a nightmare.

  • Some students are fearful even before they begin to prepare. Others seem to be all right until the day of the test, and then they score much, much worse than they expected to.
  • For all too many students, the SAT/ACT experience becomes a nightmare of inadequate preparation, self-judgment, painful comparison with peers, and confusion.  

They need a new approach to the SAT/ACT.

We all know it's not enough to have these students take a traditional SAT or ACT class and then tell them to “relax!”

They need a different approach, one that is designed to take them through the experience, from beginning to end, and help them gain confidence and mastery. 

They need to experience this learning challenge as a game of skill that they can master and enjoy!

"I had been struggling with math ever since 6th grade. When I began to work with Much Smarter, math became much clearer to me. I not only improved my grade, but I learned new ways to approach a problem and gained the confidence I needed to do well. I'm so grateful to Much Smarter for not only improving my grades, but helping me understand and approach problems and difficulties with an open mind, and confidence that I can do anything."

Sarah O.

"I've always been extremely hard on myself. No matter how well I did on a test or a project, I would never think it was good enough. In school I felt like if I did not grasp something right away, I would never be able to. I particularly struggled with this mentality during my preparation for standardized tests..."

Emma Z.

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