Does your teenager have great grades, but SAT/ACT scores that don't match?

If it feels like the SAT or ACT is too tough for them, then it's time to try a different approach.

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There are a lot of great students who, for whatever reason, can't seem to figure out the SAT or the ACT.

Standardized tests can be a source of major frustration and self-doubt. No matter their GPA, most teenagers are still counting on strong standardized test scores to make them stronger candidates for the colleges of their choice. A bad (or even just mediocre) result on a standardized test can add an extra layer of stress to junior year, and at worst, make some kids feel like they may not be smart enough.

Don't worry

  • We have good news: your teenager is not actually "bad at standardized tests."
  • The SAT/ACT is just a different game than school work. Your teenager can learn to approach the SAT/ACT as a game of skill and do every bit as well as they do in class.
  • We have helped countless teenagers look at the standardized test game in a new light and helped them not only improve their SAT or ACT scores, but become more confident in their own abilities in the face of standardized tests, advanced classes, or any other challenge in front of them.

"I want to thank you for working with Matt. Not only did you help him increase his test scores, you also helped boost his confidence in himself. I found that there was improvement in his overall grades after working with you. He had the confidence to continue to challenge himself in his senior year with AP and college credit courses."

Diana P.

"When I first started working with MuchSmarter, I believed that I was hopeless when it came to standardized tests... I got a score that I never thought was possible for myself."

Dylan F.

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