Is your teenager's performance hurt by test anxiety?

If your teenager is so stressed out that even the idea of studying is overwhelming them, it's probably time to try something different.
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Anxiety often stops teenagers from doing their best on big tests, no matter how hard they study.

Is worry and stress part of your teenager's test-taking experience?

Do they seem to be learning a subject pretty comfortably, only to fall apart on tests?

Is it worse on big tests, like the SAT/ACT or final exams, than on routine tests?

Don't worry.

Test anxiety is not who they are. It simply reflects how they have learned to take tests up to this point in their life—and they can learn how to approach big tests in a new way.

We teach students to approach big tests like the SAT/ACT as games of skill that they can master, and even enjoy!

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An anxious teenager hiding his face under his book

Our students' stories

Whether they've "always been bad at standardized tests," or get too anxious to do their best work on important exams, or there's just one specific weakness in their skill set holding them back, we've been there to help them learn new skills and thrive.

their stories

"I've always been extremely hard on myself. No matter how well I did on a test or a project, I would never think it was good enough. In school I felt like if I did not grasp something right away, I would never be able to. I particularly struggled with this mentality during my preparation for standardized tests..."
-Emma Z.

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