"I've always been bad at taking standardized tests."

It's time to try a different approach.

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There are few worse feelings than the frustration of feeling like you've tried everything, and none of it has worked.

And for kids with a history of struggling on standardized tests, that frustration can get compounded with the pressures of junior and senior year. What happens when, after several months of practice, tutoring sessions, courses at school, and a few attempts at an SAT or ACT, that final score still isn't where everyone hoped it would be? What is it that's holding you back from being able to perform on these tests? What will it mean for your future? And how do you stop yourself from becoming discouraged enough to give up on the process?

Don't worry

  • You are absolutely capable of performing as well on the SAT or ACT as you want.
  • That's actually true of every single student, provided they want it enough to put in the work—and learn the right approach.
  • We have helped countless teenagers look at the standardized test game in a new light—as a game of skill—and helped them not only improve their scores, but become more confident in their own abilities on standardized tests, in high school, and beyond.

"I want to thank you for working with Matt. Not only did you help him increase his test scores, you also helped boost his confidence in himself. I found that there was improvement in his overall grades after working with you. He had the confidence to continue to challenge himself in his senior year with AP and college credit courses."

Diana P.

"When I first started working with MuchSmarter, I believed that I was hopeless when it came to standardized tests... I got a score that I never thought was possible for myself."

Dylan F.

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