"I'm bad at _____, and it's screwing up my life."

If a weakness in English or math is dragging your scores down, it's time to try a different approach.

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Trouble with English or math can stop kids cold.

Students that tend to struggle in a specific section of the high school curriculum are often having a hard time because they have yet to develop a skill that makes success in those subjects possible. It's really hard to thrive in English or History classes if you don't read very much or write very well, and it's equally difficult to handle advanced Math classes if you're shaky on basic arithmetic or algebra. And each year you go without developing those skills will make it harder and harder to catch up.

Just go back to the basics!

  • It is never too late to learn how to read or write well, or how to master basic math, or even how to study.
  • We specialize in coaching students who want to excel, but don't know how yet. We help them develop the skills they need to excel in high school and beyond. Once our kids buy into our approach to learning, and once they put the work in, they report better grades, better SAT or ACT scores, less anxiety and frustration in their "difficult" classes, and more confidence and self-reliance in every area of their lives!

"I had been struggling with math ever since 6th grade. When I began to work with Much Smarter, math became much clearer to me. I not only improved my grade, but I learned new ways to approach a problem and gained the confidence I needed to do well. I'm so grateful to Much Smarter for not only improving my grades, but helping me understand and approach problems and difficulties with an open mind, and confidence that I can do anything."

Sarah O.

"I've always been extremely hard on myself. No matter how well I did on a test or a project, I would never think it was good enough. In school I felt like if I did not grasp something right away, I would never be able to. I particularly struggled with this mentality during my preparation for standardized tests..."

Emma Z.

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