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How do you master the ACT?

The answer is deceptively simple: You make a game out of it.

Because that’s all the ACT is: a game of skill.

Think about anything you've ever learned to do really well. How did you get good at it? You almost certainly did these four things:

  • You got an expert to show you how to play

  • You learned the basic moves of the game and practiced them until they were easy

  • Then you practiced those moves in combination with each other

  • Finally, you played the game a lot.

The ACT is no different. You can get better than you ever imagined by following those four steps.

Making a game out of the ACT takes some of the stress out of preparing for it.

Instead of worrying about the results and what they mean, you can simply follow those four steps and trust the process. And even better, you can learn game mindset strategies to help you do your best work in high pressure situations.

So how do you make a game out of the ACT?

We've already done it for you.
And we want you to try it for free for thirty days.

MuchSmarter ACT is designed to teach struggling students how to learn—and how to exceed their own expectations for themselves.

Step-by-Step game-based practice
Get an Expert to Show You How to Play

with weekly live broadcast classes. Our coaches will help you reinforce your new clear, simple approach to the game.

Learn the moves

with our 150+ video lessons and exercises. We've broken down every aspect of the ACT game for you so that no matter what your starting point is, you can practice until it’s easy.

Practice the moves in combination

with mixed practice sections in every subject to help you learn when to use which move.

Play the game

with our two full ACT practice tests.

Training to overcome your past limitations

Our Game Mindset training video series are specifically designed to teach you how to mentally prepare to play your best game, no matter how you’ve done on standardized tests in the past.  

And in our specialized small-group workshops, our coaches will lead you in interactive, in-depth conversations to help you let go of past limitations and become a better, more confident test taker—and learn how to learn anything you want in the future!

So here's our offer:

A 30-DAY FREE TRIAL of MuchSmarter ACT

A world-class 30 day program to help you
Gain confidence and clarity
Overcome your past struggles with standardized testing
Approach the ACT successfully as a game of skill
You get:
  • Unlimited access to our Game
  • Step by step Instruction on how to use our Game
  • A 30-day practice plan that matches your goals and training needs
  • Specialized game mindset training geared towards helping:
    • the great student who is “bad at standardized tests”
    • the student with weakness in math
    • the student who stresses out on big tests
    • the student who has not yet excelled either on standardized tests or in school
  • World-class online ACT training that includes
    • “First Look” practice that helps you see where your skills are today and what needs work
    • Unlimited access to over 150 training videos and practice sets so you can learn the moves
    • Mixed practice sections to help you practice the moves in combination
    • Two full practice tests so you can get extra experience playing the game

And as a bonus…

One live online broadcast class and one free specialized small-group workshop of your choice!

And after your trial, it's only $30/month for access to the game and our full schedule of live online classes.

Because we care more about helping you get better at learning that we do about anything else.

“I practiced on Much Smarter ACT for several weeks prior to taking my actual ACT.  I found that learning the problem types on the game before practicing combinations of problems was very helpful. I think it helped speed my progress toward my 34 score.”

Nicky B.

“The first time I took an ACT math section, I got less than one quarter of the questions right. I practiced my fundamentals on MuchSmarter ACT and got my final ACT Math score all the way up to a 25!”

Chris C.
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We help students become more capable, confident learners—and help them make the most of their minds—by teaching them to treat learning like a game.

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