Worrying about how to
help your child prepare for the
Year 6 SATs?

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How can you help your child get ready for SATs?

The answer is deceptively simple: Practise with them!

It's as easy as this: as often as you can, take fifteen or twenty minutes a day to sit with them and support them as they practice their reading or SPAG or Maths skills.

Even if you don't remember the material (or never knew it that well to begin with!), having you there to support them will help them build better habits around their learning.

And besides, our learning platform is designed specially to help them not just train for the SATs, but also teach them how to learn anything they want!

So... how do you learn anything you want?
Treat it like a game!

Because that’s all assessments are: a game of skill.

Think about anything you've ever learned to do really well. How did you get good at it? You almost certainly did these four things:

  • You got an expert to show you how to play and got the whole story up front.

  • You learned the basic moves of the game and practiced them until they were easy

  • Then you practiced those moves in combination with each other

  • Finally, you played the game a lot.

Assessments are no different. You can get better than you ever imagined by following those four steps.

Making a game out of the SATs takes some of the stress out of preparing for them.

Instead of worrying about the results and what they mean, you can simply follow those four steps and trust the process. And even better, you can build habits of thinking, feeling, and learning to help you play your best game—even in high pressure situations.

So how do you make a game out of the Year 6 SATs?

We've already done it for you.
And we want you to try it for free for thirty days.

play the muchsmarter SATs game now!

MuchSmarter's games are designed to teach struggling students how to learn—and how to exceed their own expectations for themselves.

Step-by-Step game-based practise

Get the Whole Story up Front

with our clear, simple approach to the game.

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Learn the Moves

with our 150+ video lessons and exercises. We've broken down every aspect of the SATs game for you so that no matter what your starting point is, you can practise until it’s easy.

Practise the moves in combination

with mixed practise sections in every subject to help you learn when to use which move.

(Coming Summer 2024!)
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Play the game

with our simulations of
full SATs exam papers.

(Coming Summer 2024!)
Training to overcome your past limitations

Our MyGame video series are specifically designed to teach you how to prepare to play your best game, no matter how you’ve done on standardized tests in the past.  

We teach habits of thinking, feeling, and learning designed to let you let go of past beliefs about your limitations and approach learning joyfully!

play the muchsmarter SATs game now!

Here's our offer:


a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL of MuchSmarter Games

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A world-class program to help your child
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Gain confidence and clarity
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Overcome past struggles with assessments
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Approach learning as a game of skill
You get:
  • Unlimited Access to TWO games!
    • MSUK: Year 6 SATs for students getting ready for the SATs
    • MSUK: Accelerator for Year 7-9 students who didn't perform as well as they liked, and who want to catch up and pull ahead before the next round of testing!
    Specialized psychological training geared towards helping:
    • the great student who is “bad at testing”
    • the student with weakness in maths or English
    • the student who loses focus in pressure situations
    • the student who has not yet excelled either on standardised tests or in school

And after your trial, it's only £25 per month
for access to the whole platform, forever.

Because we care more about helping kids get better at learning
than we do about anything else.

play the muchsmarter SATs game now!
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I like MuchSmarter because I'm only ever competing against myself and not other people.

It makes practising fun and not stressful.

Betsy H.
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I was getting less than one quarter of maths questions correct in practise. I worked on my maths fundamentals on MuchSmarter and wound up getting two-thirds of the questions correct on my final assessment!

Chris C.

We help students become more capable, confident learners—and help them make the most of their minds—by teaching them to treat learning like a game.

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