What is your school’s
learning culture?

Do you find that your current learning culture is not easily identifiable? Might you ask this question to your teams and get several different answers?

Does it feel like that lack of a clear focus makes it more difficult for you, your staff, and your students to make full use of their potential and their skills?

Are you having a hard time designing teacher training that can
engage and unify your staff around your learning culture?

Do you find your current teacher training options—either internal or external—to be more of the same? Lacking in big-picture thought and design? Five days’ worth of sticking plaster instead of meaningful, coherent professional development?

No school leader should have to feel like they don’t have good INSET options.

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MuchSmarter’s teacher training programmes focus on empowering educators—so they can empower their students!

Our learning philosophy focuses on teaching students more effective habits of thinking, feeling, and learning in order to help them become capable, confident learners and test-takers.

We focus on teaching the process of learning, rather than just on the material that students need to learn in order to make a grade, and on showing students and educators alike how to approach the learning process as a game of skill.

Our research-backed and evidence-based training program uses a blend of experiential learning, student stories, and group discussions to set an entire school staff on a unified path towards creating an engaging, empowering learning environment.

MuchSmarter has been helping students become capable, confident learners since 2004.

MuchSmarter began as a private tuition practice in New York City nearly twenty years ago. Co-foundering father and son team Steve and Tom Schecter have helped hundreds of young people across both continents make meaningful, lifelong improvements as students and test-takers.

They formed MuchSmarter UK in 2021 with Gavin Hepherd-Hall, a twenty-year veteran of the classroom, former senior leader, and accredited PD Lead whose Master’s dissertation focused on professional development design, and for the past two years the three of them have worked in conjunction with Alice Jones-Bartoli, PhD, Professor of Psychology at Goldsmith’s and Editor of the Journal of Educational Psychology, to develop scientifically-backed coursework for both students and teachers. Their work has been featured in the 2022 and 2023 World Education Summits.

I like MuchSmarter because I'm only ever competing against myself and not other people.

It makes practising fun and not stressful.

Betsy H.

I was getting less than one quarter of maths questions correct in practise. I worked on my maths fundamentals on MuchSmarter and wound up getting two-thirds of the questions correct on my final assessment!

Chris C.

We help students become more capable, confident learners—and help them make the most of their minds—by teaching them to treat learning like a game.

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