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Building Better Habits of Thinking
Articles about how champions in every field use their beliefs to make themselves better at what they do.
Building Better Habits of Feeling
Articles about how champions in every field use their emotions to make themselves better at what they do.
Building Better Habits of Learning
Articles focused on helping you learn how to master any game of skill.
Mastering School Subjects
Learn a better approach to your more challenging classes.
Mastering the SAT and ACT
Learn a better approach to practicing for the SAT and ACT.
Overcoming Test Anxiety
Learn a better approach to pressure situations so you can always play your best game.
Parents, These Are For You
Steve and Tom offer advice on how to support your teenagers as they strive to improve themselves.
Student Case Studies
Lessons we've learned from working with certain students over the years.
A collection of thank-you notes from our students and parents that we've held onto over the years.
My Struggle With Test the Batter’s BoxMuch Smarter logo
Test anxiety doesn't only apply to big tests. Here’s how to manage your nerves and become a more confident test-taker--no matter what the test looks like.
So You’re “Bad at Math.” Here’s How to Fix It In Time for the SAT or ACT. Much Smarter logo
If you’ve been “bad at math” for a while, and it feels like nothing you try to helps you improve, it’s time to try a different approach to the problem.
What Does it Mean to be Smart?Much Smarter logo
"Being smart means much more than any of the things that we normally associate with intelligence. Being smart ultimately means knowing how to use your mind!"
Make the Most of Your MindMuch Smarter logo
Steve talks about what it means to make the most of your mind: you can learn anything you want, use that knowledge to create the life you want for yourself.
Still Much Smarter…Many Years LaterMuch Smarter logo
A former student reflects on how the lessons she learned from working with Steve on her SATs helped her master new challenges when she got to college.
Grit and Much SmarterMuch Smarter logo
Steve talks about "grit" one more time...and how MuchSmarter's coaching method is specifically designed to help you get more of it.
How Can You Have More Grit?Much Smarter logo
Apparently, the answer is yes! Part Two of Steve's discussion of Angela Duckworth, PhD, and her book "Grit."
Building Smarter Emotions: Do You Have Grit?Much Smarter logo
"We have observed a clear pattern: the students who achieve their goals are those who are able to persevere through challenges."
Can Practicing The ACT Improve Your Bowling Scores? (Part Three)Much Smarter logo
Steve takes one last look at Yuval's bowling adventure through the lens of a book about the science of developing expertise.
Can Practicing The ACT Improve Your Bowling Scores? (Part Two)Much Smarter logo
In Part Two, Steve talks about the master skill of learning, and how Yuval's ACT training has helped him improve several core skills that he'll be able to use to get good at whatever he wants!
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